Creating Chatbots & The Future of Artificial Intelligence.

Los Angeles Twitter Developer Community

Dec 6, 2017, 2:30 – 5:00 AM


About this event

How do we make them intelligent and useful? From simple to complex chatbots, they all can serve multiple functions. Join the Twitter LA team led by @EmilyFisker and host @Ryan_A_Bell for a discussion on how to make chatbots on Twitter, some interesting (and funny) bots that have made the news, responsibility in Ai and more.

Special presentation by Nicholas Isaacs:

Twitter Chatbot API Deepdive

Twitter's Chat API allows developers to create immersive and satisfying experiences for end users. Users can interact with brands/accounts on their terms, on a platform where they are already incredibly engaged. This talk will walk through the features of Twitter's chat API, what has worked well in this medium, and how to get started as a developer.

Nicholas is a Software engineer at Twitter

Nick's Bio:
I have been an engineer @TwitterBoulder for 1.5 years, in my time here to far I have worked on several different projects including revamping our notifications and SMS pipeline, working to improve trends and discoverability on the Guide tab, and currently work on our Business to Consumer team aiming to build delightful experiences for end users and business customers alike. I can often be found shouting into the internet @jorge_distress, and creating software that doesn't work on Github @nicky-isaacs.

This will be followed by a discussion with Brian Rose (@BrianRose) from Google, Nicholas Isaacs (again) and Ryan Bell on usage of simple twitterbots, creating them and what the future might hold.

Brian's Bio:

Brian Rose is the founder of a mobile gaming startup at Area 120, a workshop for Google's experimental projects, in Venice. Previously, he worked on Ingress at Niantic.

Feel free to reach out if you have a bot or an Ai company and would like to be a part of the conversation.

Thank you,

Emily & Ryan

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