#TapIntoTwitter - #3 Israel Twitter Community Meetup!

Israel Twitter Developer Community Meetup

Sep 25, 2019, 4:00 – 6:00 PM


About this event

We are super excited to announce the date for the third Israel Twitter Developers Community Meetup!

From learning about what the future holds to Twitter API, to learning how to build chatbots over Twitter and to personality and social media, the event will be packed with content!

Developers and Marketers, we'll meet on 25/9 (September 25th 2019) in Tel Aviv and we have very exciting talks for you:

Andy Piper (@andypiper), is a Twitter Developer Advocate. Andy is coming to Israel from Twitter UK especially to tell you all about the next era of innovation for Twitter developers. Andy will talk about the Future of the Twitter API, and he'll be happy to meet developers from Israel at the event.

Liraz Margalit (@LirazMargalit), Web Psychologist, Head of Behavioural Research: Will talk with us about Bringing big data to life - adding the behavioral perspective. Y'all don't want to miss this fascinating lecture!

Ran Bar Zik (@barzik): Developer @ Verizon Media, Tech journalist at Haaretz, Tech blogger at internet-israel.com | Will talk with us about how Journalist can Protect their sources!

We put a lot of thought into the content of this event! Every lecture will be up to 25 min and will be chock-full of value for developers and marketers.

Hurry up and reserve your spot! Space is limited, but the beer, pizza, and wine will be unlimited :)


  • Caro Solari

    Lead Organizer

  • Ran Margaliot


    Community Lead

  • Natalie Markovits


    Brand & Corporate Communications Manager

  • Itamar Rogel


    CPO & Co-founder

  • Raz Aron


    Digital Marketing Manager

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