Community Leader FAQs


Who is a Community Leader?

They help connect people in smaller user groups, based on geographic location or a shared interest. As a Community Leader, you’ll coordinate in-person and virtual meetup events once per quarter for your group, and be the point person for the Twitter Developer Community team.


Tell me more about being a group leader.

A Community leader is in charge of organizing and hosting events (in-person or virtually), finding speakers, and marketing the event. The leader will also be the primary group contact for the Twitter Developer Community team


How often do I need to host an event?

In order to be considered an active group, you’re expected to host at least one event every quarter (3 months).


Do speakers for my events need to be approved by Twitter?

No, however, we do encourage event speakers to be other community members sharing their experiences.


Can there be more than one community group in my city?

No. There can only be one user group per city. Please check to see if there is already a group in your city — if there is, please join the existing group.


What resources does Twitter provide for community groups?

We’ll provide you with a brand kit, a private Slack channel to engage with the Twitter team and Community leaders worldwide, guiding principles to run your group (coming soon!), and of course, swag for your events*! After you host your first meetup event, active groups are also eligible to receive an Elevated account.


What is the application process?

After you fill out the form below, we will follow up with an interview. As part of the application, you’ll be asked to send us a short video so we can learn more about you. You’ll also be asked to read and agree to our Community Leader Policies.


What are the qualities/criteria you look for in a Community Leader?


What are the perks of being a Community Leader?

They include:


How long is the commitment?

One year. After a year, you can renew your agreement or find a new leader for your group.


When will I know if I’ve been accepted into the Twitter Developer Community as a Community Leader?

We review applications at the beginning of each month, so you should expect to hear from us then. If you have questions, send us a message at


What if I don’t want to be a Community Leader anymore?

All good! If something comes up and the commitment is no longer manageable, you can let us know – we have an exit process. In addition, if you violate any of our policies or Code of Conduct we may discuss off-boarding before the one-year mark.