Pi Day, Art Bots, and Data Science

Boulder Twitter Developer Community

Mar 15, 2018, 12:00 – 2:00 AM


About this event

We have two speakers lined up and some Twitter related Pi-Day activities!

Andrei Taraschuk - @andreitr - Principal Software Engineer at CA Technologies

Fascinated by technology, social media and art, Andrei created a network of social media bots for classical artists such as Claude Monet (@artistmonet), Vincent van Gogh (@vangoghartist), Gustav Klimt (@artistgklimt), and many others. Through his network, Andrei has shared over 1M artworks to an audience of millions of followers, which has resulted in 12M likes and retweets. Andrei believes that ai-powered social media accounts have a largely unexplored potential for education and entertainment. When not coding his art bots, Andrei works as a principal software engineer at CA Technologies.

Aaron Gonzales - @binary_aaron - Data Scientist at Twitter

Aaron has been forever fascinated by the intersection of people, technology, and complex systems. He used to research the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder before becoming entranced with the computational side of research, sparking a career move to data science. He has a BS in psychology and a MS in computer science from the University of New Mexico, and worked for TripAdvisor as a data scientist before recently moving back west to join Twitter in the same capacity.

We'll have some Pi-Day fun with the Twitter APIs.

Pizza (pi), beer (pi-vo), and pie (of course) will be served.

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